Singapore Plumbing Work Price List

1Conceal copper piping per bathroom including installation of accessories1500
2Conceal copper pipping per kitchen with one standard kitchen sink, one washing machine inlet and out1500
3Install Instant heater70
4Install tank heater & PUB gas heater (Apartment)110
5Install tank heater & PUB gas heater (Condo & private)130-200
6Install WC110
7Install squatting WC215
8Install squatting to sitting WC215
9Install wall hung basin "Normal"60
10Install cabinet vanity top145
11Install vanity top & table top basin85
12Install glass vanity top110
13Install long bath "Normal"180
14Install long bath "Jacuzzi"300
15Sink connection110
16Sink connection with copper piping110-145
17Sink connection with stainless steel piping110-180
18Install hand spray rinser35
19Install toilet accessories (per toilet)60
20Extra water tap point (per point)60
21Drainage pipe choking per hole charges110
22Conceal hot & cold copper piping per toilet (only piping)780
23Conceal cold copper piping per toilet (only piping)660
24Conceal kitchen hot & cold copper piping (only piping)660
25Conceal kitchen cold copper piping (only piping)540
26Install conceal bath mixer (per set)60
27Install conceal water tank & wall hung w/c bowl (per set)300
28Install conceal I-box & conceal rain shower copper piping (per set)360


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