How to select the right vinyl flooring contractor in Singapore

Singapore Vinyl flooring

How to select the right vinyl flooring contractor in Singapore can be a tricky question for many homeowners especially those who are selecting vinyl flooring for the first time. There are simply too many vinyl flooring contractors that it confused many homeowner. In this post, I am going to teach you how to select the right vinyl flooring company based on the a few important criteria from a renovation contractor point of view. I have been to many vinyl flooring companies recently which is also one of the reason why I can teach you how to select the right vinyl flooring contractor.

Factors affecting your selection on vinyl flooring contractor

1) Safety: In the 70s and 80s, vinyl flooring were commonly found in many of our home. However, the old vinyl flooring are no longer used because it contains poisonous toxic that can be harmful to our body after prolong exposure. Many vinyl flooring contractors in Singapore have switched to improved product thats safe for regular usage. In order to prove that their product are safe for usage, companies send their product for testing like the Singapore Green Building Product Certificate.

After many days of research, I found out that there are only a handful of vinyl flooring contractors that successfully obtained the Singapore Green Building Product Certificate. Easily 80% of the contractors does not have any test report or certificate. Even the leader in the vinyl flooring market did not achieve the highest grade for Singapore Green Building Product Certificate. Can you imagine those companies without any test report or certificate? I really cannot imagine what will happen to babies or children playing on toxic vinyl flooring every single day. Therefore, if safety is your concern, look for companies with test report or certificate.

2) Colour or design selections (Variety): Avoid companies that only show you 10 choices or less. A established vinyl flooring company usually have plenty of choices to choose from. When you have problem deciding which design or colour you like, that means that the vinyl flooring selections from the company is good enough for you.

3) Reputation of the company: If you know any vinyl flooring without doing any research, it means that company is already of acceptable reputation. If you are first time vinyl flooring buyer and have no prior knowledge, then these are some of the more reputable vinyl flooring companies that are common with Interior Designers and contractors:

a) Evorich
b) Wood Culture
c) FloorXpert
d) Supreme

Why choose reputable company instead of those from Carousell or Gumtree? Basically reputable companies:

a) does not run away with your deposit or money.
b) will complete your project.
c) have a reputation to protect. So they will not “any how” do.
d) have valid warranty. Meaning you can still find them if you have problem or need after sales services.

4) Warranty: Many companies provide warranty. It can be 10, 15, 20, 25 years or even life time warranty. You might think the number of years is the most important. However, you are wrong! Longer warranty means how confident a company is with their product. So a long period for warranty is a good thing. However, what the warranty covers is the most important. I can tell you that there are many things that many companies do not cover under their warranty. Once warranty does not cover, rectification or repair works will usually starts from $200 and above. One very good example is decolorization.

Example: If part of your living room is always under sunlight exposure because of the window, the colour of a lousy quality vinyl flooring will eventually fade and cause two colour tone in your living room. Many companies does not cover this.

The tricky part is that wear and tear is always not covered. Therefore, it is important to understand the warranty provided so that you understand what you are paying for. Important warranty rectification works that you wish to ask the vinyl flooring contractors:

a) Decolorization under sunlight exposure
b) Popping up
c) Gap appearing
d) Waterproofing (understand the limitations)
e) Scratch resistance (know the extend)
f) Duration of warranty
g) Common rectification works where you will need to pay

5) Review, past projects or showroom: I group all these up because it’s a proof of confidence by the company to the customers. Usually a visit to the showroom is sufficient. You will be able to see and have a feel of the finished product at the showroom.

As for reviews, you can simply google the company name, for example xxx vinyl flooring review. Usually you will tend to find more bad reviews than good one. Basically every companies have bad reviews. Therefore a suggestion to you is to look for more information rather than just based on the reviews. After reading many reviews, I realised its usually bad salesmanship rather than bad product.

6) Price: The last factor to consider is price. What you pay is what you get. There is no cheap and good for vinyl flooring. If you look at the test report, certification and after sales service (warranty), it’s difficult for a company selling cheap to achieve the same standard as companies that sell better products and services. For commercial usage, it is usually ok to use cheap. However for residential it is advisable to use good vinyl flooring contractor.

Example of what you pay is what you get: I have a customer who engaged a vinyl flooring contractor from carousell at $3.50 psf. After six months, my customer required some rectification work but the contractor is no longer contactable.


If you are reading this, you are as good as having done many days of homework on what to look out for in a vinyl flooring contractor. In the next few post, I will be posting on the reviews of all the good vinyl flooring contractors available in the Singapore that you can go to. In case I have not post any, you can WhatsApp me by clicking the WhatsApp icon at bottom right of the website or directly at 9760 1345. It does take me sometime to write a post so I thank you for your patient.


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