Wall Partition with Door


Looking to build wall partition with door for your home? We are the expert that can help you with this job. This can be a simple 2 to 4 days job depending on the size of the job. In this instant, you must be thinking how much will it cost to do this job. All you have to do is to follow the following instruction for fast quotation.

WhatsApp Us the following information for your partition quotation

  1. Size of partition: by sending us the length x breath of the partition, we will be able to calculate the cost for you.
  2. Pictures of the place to install partition: You can send us just a front view, or if you have other concerns, you can send as many views as you like. This is to identify possible installation problem and provide solutions.
  3. Door or no door: Just tell us whether you need a door or no door. If you already know what kind of door you preferred, it will be even better. For example wooden door, aluminium door, bifold door, etc.
  4. Rockwool insulation: Do you need Rockwool for sound insulation purposes? Usually the partition wall is hollow inside and cannot minimise noise from outside. Rockwool will help to reduce that problem.
  5. Painting: Do you need to paint the partition? Usually the partition board will be grey as shown in the pictures and there will be white plaster.

Sample pictures of our projects

Partition with door
Partition installation with door frame
Partition with door
Door frame with classic door
Partition with door
Door frame with solid nylon door

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