Hacking pricing guide for landed property and condominium 2021


Hacking pricing guide for landed property and condominium 2021. This price list is only a guide which will provide you a very good estimate. There are many factors to consider when we calculate pricing for private property.

Landed Property Hacking Works

  1. Number of floors: The higher the floor, the more expensive it is. This is mainly because of the haulage work, In short is to carry the materials and debris up and down the stairs.
  2. Area in SQFT: Hacking works will usually cost about $5 PSF (per suare feet).
  3. Disposal of carpentry, old furniture, false ceiling, gates, sliding door, windows, etc: Each items can cost from $50 for really simple items like disposal of a shelf to heavy items like disposal of a 10ft wardrobe which can cost $500 depending on which floor.
  4. Availability to put skip tank: Most landed have no issue with this. However if your landed property is unable to accommodate skip tank, then the charges will be very high due to higher transport and labour cost.
  5. Protective sheet: Usually for between walls with neighbours, floor, staircase and door or window (not changing or removing) to prevent damages during the course of the renovation. The effort and material can cost about $0.50 to $0.80 PSF. For an internal 3000SQFT house, the protective sheet will range about $1500 to $2500.
  6. Estimate pricing for landing property hacking works: base on our experiences, usually it cost between $5,000 (small scale jobs) to $50,000 (big scale jobs).

Condominium Hacking Works

  1. Lift landing unit: If your unit is not lift landing, the cost for hacking works easily double the amount.
  2. Haulage: Most condominium does not allow the big lorry to go into the condo to unload the materials. Therefore, all materials will have to be left outside the condominium. The effort to move the materials into the condominium and up to the unit requires a lot of manpower which is why even with the same size as compare to government housing, the hacking cost to renovate the condominium is double the amount.
  3. Short working hours: Short working hours also make it less efficient use of the manpower. Usually a worker can work 9 to 10 hours but for a condominium, then can only work less than 8 hours.
  4. Estimate pricing for landing property hacking works: base on our experiences, usually for a normal condominium with lift landing and standard working hours, the cost is between $5,000 (2 x bathroom job) to $20,000 (full scale hacking for 1500 sqft condominium).
NoDescriptionPrice ($)
1Hacking of kitchen & 2 toilets5000
2Hacking of living room, Dining, Bedrooms (less than 700sqft in total)4500
3Hacking 1 toilet (floor & wall)1500
4Hacking 2 toilet (floor & wall)3000
5Dismantle of 1 x wardrobe (6ft)250
6Dismantle of 1 x kitchen cabinet400
7Hacking 1 x toilet floor only900
8Hacking whole kitchen floor and wall only3000
9Hacking and removal false ceiling and cornices500-1000
10Hacking and removal of bedroom door and frame120
11Hacking and removal bedroom door only80
12Hacking and removal of main door and frame250
13Hacking and removal of main door only150
14Hacking wall (per foot run / height 10 feet max / 1/2 or full height wall same price)70pfr
15Additional rubbish disposal per trip (depending on amount of rubbish)400
16No lift landing (per floor charges)Please ask
17Feature wall (depending on size)250-650
18Old furniture for disposal (depending on amount)Starting at 150
19Hacking and removal of sink/stove 450
20Hacking and removal of long bath360
21Hacking and removal of skirting 500-800
22Other requirement not in the listPlease Whatsapp

For privately property hacking enquiry, please WhatsApp us at 88138045.


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