Terms & Conditions

  1. All homeowners or clients must read these terms and conditions before engaging Budget Reno’s services or our recommended partners and contractors.
  2. All service engagement contracts are between the homeowners and the contractors. This means that the contractors have to fulfill all obligations and homeowners have to make payments to the contractors.
  3. Budget Reno only provides renovation project coordination services. We do not provide any other renovation works for example plumbing, carpentry, etc. We do recommend preferred partners and contractors that we worked with to our clients.
  4. Budget Reno will provide all the necessary assistance in case there is a need to mediate between homeowners and contractors (Budget Reno recommended contractors only).
  5. Homeowners’ requirements must be reasonable and achievable. For example, a paint job on the wall cannot be 100% smooth like a metal surface because it is just not possible.
  6. All renovation comes with problems. Even the most experienced project coordinators face new problems in every project. As experienced project coordinators, we can only help minimize the possibility of problems or solve any problem that surfaced. Homeowners have to be patient and calm when a problem surfaced. That is the only way problem can be solved.
  7. All pricing stated on this website is correct but still subject to the confirmation by the respective contractors. If there is any discrepancy, feel free to check with the contractor or Budget Reno so that correction can be made.
  8. Our pricing, services and payment terms are valid only for homeowners. Interior Design Companies who want us to coordinate the whole project will be subjected to different payment terms.