Solutions to Popping Tiles

Popping tiles

Are you looking for solutions to popping tiles? You have came to the right place. In this blog, we are going to talk about the reasons that cause your tiles to pop up and what are the available solutions.

Why does your tiles pop up?

  1. Weather: Hot and cold weather can cause expansion and contraction to the tiles, wall and the screed. Although this might not be 100% or a major reason for the popping of tiles, it does indirectly causes the build up to the popping.
  2. Building Movement: The movement of the whole building structure can cause popping tiles.
  3. Cement: Quality of the cement used is a factor. Using quality prepack cement is important in ensuring quality floor screeding and better bonding between tiles and the floor screed.
  4. Tiles: Quality of tiles can be an issue too. Therefore, buying from reputable tiles supplier is important.
  5. Thin Screed & Too much Sand: This issue can be commonly found in landed properties and renovation done before the “prepack cement era”. Some contractors or builders might had tried to save money buy using more sand as the base with just a thin layer of cement screed just before tiling. This method causes the base to be weak and can be one of the reason for popping tiles.
  6. Workmanship: Incorrect mixing of the cement with incorrect tiling technic is a major cause of hollowness under the tiles.

Solutions to solving popping tiles

  1. Short Term Solution: Simplest way is to just remove the pop up tiles and replace the tiles. This is however a short term solution. The affected tiles or other areas will eventually pop again in a few month time. This method might even cause other areas of tiles to pop up eventually. Therefore, it is not a clean solution to the popping tiles problem.
  2. Long Term Solution: The most effective and cleanest way to solve the problem is to hack away all the affected areas, screed and retile the whole area. This is to solve the problem once and for all using better cement screeding, reliable materials and correct tiling technic without any short cuts.

Contact us to solve your popping tiles problem

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