Singapore Tiling Work Price List


All tiling works are carried out by Budget Reno. Tiling works is one of the Budget Reno specialised construction work. The simplified tiling price list in the table below is to assist you (homeowners) in your calculation. For any other works that are not listed, do feel free to WhatsApp us at 8813 8045.

No.Description$ Per Square Foot$ Per Foot RunLump Sum ($)
1Floor tiling (less than 800 x 800 tile size)6.00
2Wall tiling (less than 800 x 800 tiles size)7.00
4Cement screed floor4.50
5Cement screed wall4.00
6Make good door frame, window and area similar$250 each

How to estimate your tiling price?

A normal apartment living for example: 400 square foot Labour for tiling: 400 x $6.50 = $2,600 Estimated material (cement, etc): $2.00 per square foot (pay direct to supplier) Estimated material cost: 400 x $2.00 = $800 Estimated tiles $3.00 – $4.00 per square foot (pay direct to supplier) Estimated tile cost: 400 x $3 = $1200 Total tiling cost including material for this apartment living room: $2,600 + $800 + $1,200 = $4,600. (Estimated $11.50 per square foot)


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