Singapore Painting Work Price List


The following painting work price list shows the actual price that you will be paying unless otherwise stated. All pricing listed is in Singapore dollar only.

Some information about the Painter

  • The painter is currently based in Johor.
  • They have been serving the Singapore renovation industry for more than 10 years.
  • Languages spoken: Bahasa Melayu (Primary and fluent) and English (primary and fluent).
  • Other attributes: Patient, understanding, accommodating and able to follow instructions well.

Standard specifications that come with the painting work (Whole house package)

  • Paint all walls and ceiling with 4 colours or less
  • Toilet pipes, balcony and wash area are included
  • Using NIPPON Vinilex 5000 for walls
  • Using ICI Super maxilite white for ceiling
  • Protective sheets for floors, fixtures and furniture

Optional upgrades

  • $50 to paint the main gate
  • $15 to paint each door and door frame
  • Top up for premium paint (as shown in the table below)
  • Top up for additional colours at $100 per colour (for wall only)
  • Top up for designs or patterns (pricing will base on site assessment and requirement)

Special: Apartment Toilet Only Packages

  • Meaning only paint the toilet and nowhere else.
  • This package is meant for those homeowners who need an update to their toilet.
  • 1 x Toilet ceiling include sewage pipe $150
  • 2 x Toilet ceiling including sewage pipe $250

For Apartment painting works with stay in homeowners

  • This is basically talking about homeowners who need updates to their current home.
  • There will be no additional charges if the homeowners can move the furniture by themselves.
  • If assistance is needed to move furniture, there will be a service charge of $100.

Condominium and landed property

  • A quotation can only be made based on site assessment and sqft.


  • Sealer is recommended for resale apartment. The purpose of the sealer is to protect defect wall and to make sure the new paint applied will last longer.

Payment terms

  • All painting contract: downpayment 50% and completion 50%.
  • All pricing must be confirmed between homeowners and contractor before commencing of work. If there are add-ons, all pricing for add-ons must also be confirmed before the commencing of the add-ons work.
  • All payments will come will receipt for proof of engaging the contractor’s services.
  • Cheque payable directly to painter’s company or Budget Reno (for customers who are uncomfortable dealing directly with the contractor company and we can assist by holding the contractor’s money until the job is completed).

Painting Price List

No.Apartment TypeNippon 5000 ($)Additional sealer for whole house ($)Odourless Easywash ($)Odourless Medifresh ($)
Similar to ICI PentaliteSimilar to ICI wash and wearSimilar to ICI all in 1
NEW Apartment
13 Room900250200300
24 Room1000300200300
35 Room1200350250400
RESALE Apartment
13 Room1000250200300
24 Room1100300200300
35 Room1300350250400
NoApartment TypeLiving Room Only ($)Additional Sealer ($)Common Bedroom Only ($)Master Bedroom Only ($)
13 Room400150350450
24 Room500200350450
35 Room600200350450


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