Singapore Interior Design 3D Drawing (perspective) Price List


The following Interior Design 3D drawing (perspective) price list shows the actual price that you will be paying unless otherwise stated. All pricing listed is in Singapore dollar only.

Some information about the Graphics Interior Designers 

  • The graphics interior designers engaged are mostly freelancer.
  • They are experienced designers who are very familiar with layout and design of HDB, condominiums, landed and commercial properties.

Standard specifications that come with the 3D Drawing

  • All 3D perspectives are in A4 size.
  • Each 3D perspective comes with 1 round major or 2 rounds of minor amendment.
  • Lead time ranges from 3 to 7 working days depending on quantity and complexity of project.
  • Final softcopy will be sent via email. (No hardcopy)

Samples of 3D Drawing

Order Procedures

  • Email the floor plan and requirements to
  • Requirements details: brief description of design (for example industrial looks, etc), photos of desired designs (can be from magazines), dimensions, sketches, laminates and tiles used.

Something to take note

  • Different designers come with different skill levels. Therefore, the delivery of the final product will also be slightly different.
  • However, there is a minimum acceptable finishing requirement being expected from the designers. We at Budget Reno will make sure that the quality is at least at the acceptable level.

Payment Terms

  • Full payment upfront
  • All payments will come will receipt for proof of engaging in services.
  • Bank transfer directly to Budget Reno

No.Description$ per piece
1Apartment & Condo perspective 100
3Complicated Design110
4Commercial Interior130-160


  • All prices stated are correct but not binding. (There might be typo error or price update)
  • Kindly inform me if there is any price error or misleading interpretation. Really appreciate your kind assistance.


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