Singapore Hacking Work Price List


The following hacking work price list shows the actual price that you will be paying unless otherwise stated. All pricing listed is in Singapore dollar only.

Some information about the hacking contractor

  • All hacking works are carried out by Budget Reno’s workers.

Standard specifications that come with the hacking work

  • Basic hacking work pricing (example 3 room apartment) includes 2 x bedroom flooring, 2 x WHOLE toilet, 1 x living room flooring, 1 x kitchen cabinet, 1 x kitchen wall tiles and flooring.
  • Clearing all hacked debris.
  • Additional debris clearing at $150 per trip after the hacking.

Optional upgrades

  • Wardrobe, featured wall and other fixtures
  • Door and door frame
  • Walls hacking
  • Cornies and false ceiling
  • Old furniture disposal
  • Additional rubbish disposal

Private property (Condominium or Landed)

  • On-site assessment needed.
  • Usually is double the price of apartment due to size, the difficulty of hacking and rubbish disposal.
  • Price will be given on the spot after assessment.

Payment terms

  • After COMPLETION of hacking: Downpayment 50% and completion 50%.
  • Cheque payable directly to Budget Reno

NoDescriptionPrice ($)
1Hacking for 3 Room (Basic / Whole house)2900
2Hacking for 4 Room (Basic / Whole house)3300
3Hacking for 5 Room (Basic / Whole house)3800
4Hacking for Executive Apartment (Basic / Whole house)4300
5Hacking for Mansionette (Basic / Whole house)4800
6Hacking of kitchen & 2 toilets2500
7Hacking of living room, Dining, Bedrooms & Store for 3RM1700
8Hacking of living room, Dining, Bedrooms & Store for 4RM1950
9Hacking of living room, Dining, Bedrooms & Store for 5RM2250
10Hacking of living room, Dining, Bedrooms & Store for EM2900
11Hacking 1 toilet (floor & wall)780
12Hacking 2 toilet (floor & wall)1450
13Dismantle of 1 x wardrobe250
14Dismantle of 1 x kitchen cabinet330
15Hacking 1 x toilet floor only450
16Hacking whole kitchen floor and wall only1500
17Hacking and removal false ceiling and cornices350-600
18Hacking and removal of bedroom door and frame100
19Hacking and removal bedroom door only50
20Hacking and removal of main door and frame180
21Hacking and removal of main door only100
22Hacking wall (per foot run / height 9 feet max / 1/2 or full height wall same price)60pfr
23Additional rubbish disposal per trip (depending on amount of rubbish)130-170
24No lift landing (per floor charges)230
25Feature wall (depending on size)180-450
26Old furniture for disposal (depending on amount)Starting at 150
27Hacking and removal of sink/stove 380
28Hacking and removal of long bath330
29Hacking and removal of skirting 3/4/5 RM300-470
30Other requirement not in the listPlease Whatsapp


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