Singapore Electrical Work Price List


The following electrical work price list shows the actual price that you will be paying unless otherwise stated. All pricing listed is in Singapore dollar only.

Some information about the electrician

  • The electrician is currently based in Singapore.
  • They have been serving the Singapore renovation industry for more than 10 years.
  • Languages spoken: Mandarin (Primary and fluent), Hokkien (Fluent), English (Basic) and Bahasa Melayu (primary and fluent).
  • Other attributes: Patient, understanding, accommodating and able to follow instructions well.

Standard specifications that come with the electrical work

  • Hand drawn lighting and electrical plan (floor plan supplied by homeowner)
  • 1 year warranty on workmanship and parts (if supplied by electrician)
  • Materials will be supplied by electrician unless otherwise stated (example wires, screws and switches.
  • Standard switch brand supplied: Schneider
  • Cleaning up the job site after work.

Pictures from the electrician’s projects

Clean job site after work 

Some of the finished work

Optional upgrade

  • Designer switches

Something to take note

  • When calculating the cost of a lighting point, the cost of doing the wiring and switches (example $25 for apartment) does not include installation ($10 for apartment) of the lighting. The electrician separates the cost up because the new apartment and condominiums do not need wiring and switches.
  • For resale apartment for example, the total cost of supply and installation is $25 + $10 = $35.
  • For brand new apartment for example, the cost of installing the light is just $10 (if wiring done by apartment)
  • For conceal work, there is usually a 10-15% extra charge for hacking and patching. This is especially applicable to private property.

Payment terms

  • Contract sum less than $7000: downpayment 50% and completion 50%.
  • Contract sum more than $7000: downpayment 50%, lighting fixing day 40%, completion 10%.
  • All pricing must be confirmed between homeowners and contractor before commencing of work. If there are add-ons, all pricing for add-ons must also be confirmed before the commencing of the add-ons work.
  • All payments will come will receipt for proof of engaging the contractor’s services.
  • Cheque payable directly to painter’s company or Budget Reno (for customers who are uncomfortable dealing directly with the contractor company and we can assist by holding the contractor’s money until the job is completed).

No.DescriptionApartment ($)Condo / Landed ($)
53Install heater3033
INSTALL AND SUPPLY (wire and switches only)
1Cove lighting-point / LED Cabinet2528
2Lighting point2528
313A x 1 power point 4548
413A x 2 power point5558
513A x 2 power point (water proof)7073
613A x 1 power point (water proof)6063
713A x 1 power point (water proof for out door)8083
8Universal 13A power point8083
9Heater power point (20Amp)8083
10Heater 2-way power point160163
11Air-con power point (15A)9093
12Air-con Isolate (20A)120123
13Timer Control8080
14SCV point (TV)8083
15Telephone point (CAT 6)8083
16Data point (CAT 6)8083
18Hob-point (cooker)5558
19Oven power point (20A)8083
20Micro wave power point (20A)8083
212 way switch point6063
22Door bell point3033
23Master switch7073
24Dimmer control (for lighting)4043
25Connect heater wire 3030
26Earth wire (6mm) for borning8080
27D.B Box 14 way260260
28D.B Box 16 way280280
29D.B Box 18 way300300
30D.B Box 3 phase450450
31Loose point2023
32Shift lighting point2023
33Shift 13A x 1 power point3538
34Shift 13A x 2 power point3538
35Shift switch (1G, 2G, 3G)3538
36Shift 2 way switch3538
37Shift bell point3538
38Shift telephone point (CAT 6 cable)4548
39Shift data point4548
40Shift heater point4548
41Shift aircon point4548
42Shift SCV point4548
INSTALLATION only (equipment supply by homeowner)
43Install ceiling light / down light / wall light1013
44Install cove light2528
45Install pendent light2528
46Install track light2023
47Install T5811
48Install ceiling fan4548
49Install ceiling fan with light5053
50Install wall fan2528
51Install exhaust fan3033
52Install door bell1013


  • All prices stated are correct but not binding. (There might be typo error or price update)
  • Please confirm and recheck with the contractors again. (Mostly should be correct)
  • Kindly inform me if there is any price error or misleading interpretation. Really appreciate your kind assistance.


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